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Exclusive video content, code examples, diagrams, and exercises to implement microfrontends at your organization.
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Whether you're a startup or at enterprise scale, migrate from monolith to microfrontends

Microfrontend Fundamentals

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This course walks through introductory code examples that explain core concepts of microfrontends with single-spa.

Fundamentals targets individual contributors who want to see and modify code.

Included are 2.5 hours of exclusive video content and access to a workshop code repository with 8 coding.

Microfrontend Architecture Intro

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This course explains the objectives, challenges, and implementation approaches for implementing a microfrontends architecture with single-spa.

Architecture Intro targets senior developers, architects, and team leads who are evaluating the effort required to migrate to microfrontends.

Included are hours of exclusive video content, access to 10 comprehensive slide decks, and access to dozens of architectural diagrams.

Get both courses to save more and learn everything you need.

Microfrontend Bundle

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All the videos and resources from Fundamentals and Architecture Intro together in one package.